Families and friends usually plan trips to UAE in their vacations. They are excited to visit the most adventurous places and view extremely beautiful sites of Dubai and Abu Dhabi so that they can feel rejuvenated by having a quality time with their people. However, prior to the journey you must be well acquainted with all the necessary information regarding UAE, for which you just need Android phones.Androids can help you find the best food in your nearest areas, it can help you to stay secure in a place which is new for you and your family, and it gives you exact locations of cinemas, shopping malls and necessary info about the places to be visited or tourist locations.However, this is only possible if you havethe desired applications installed on them.Few applications designed by Android Developers Abu Dhabi include free Abu Dhabi city guide-GuidePal, Zomato, CityGuard, Salik, Cinema UAE, and UAE – MOI, so just have it in your phone and ensure exciting time.

Each and every application has its own significance; even the games play their part when you need to keep your children busy over the Androids, spend quality time with your soul mate and do not want any disturbance. Similarly, checking out the interesting places must be on your list and with that Guide Pal will definitely help you out. As, it is a completely offline service providing application in Androids, it will provide you with offline maps so that you can roam around cheerfully and comfortably like a native. You can have all the best tourist places via this application, such as restaurants, museums, clubs, bars, and underground events besides all the amusement parks and sites. Reviews about particular places can be found on this application so that you can have all the necessary inside details, however if you are concerned about safety then the Abu Dhabi government is there to assist you via City Guard application as well, which provides you with an option to simply take a picture or capture a video of the happening through this app else just record whatever incident you have experienced and it will be automatically approach the organizations for action.

Android Developers Abu Dhabi

The people who are great lovers of good food, or the chefs who travel around the world for tasting the foods, cuisines and deserts which tantalize your taste buds, must have an application downloaded named as Zomato. This application allows you to have more than ninety five thousand restaurants with menu cards and pictures of food, so that you can sit anywhere and decide which place to dine in, or have lunch and breakfast. It helps you to search the best restaurant with respect to distinctive cuisines. Further, people also share their incredible experiences over Zomato, recommending good places to eat via sharing delicious foodie pictures; you can also post your recommendations over the app.

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Android Development has proved itself as a great companion and advantage for all the users.Whether, you are worried for income and want to search a job, or you have queries related to license, traffic penalties, and visa issue, Civil Security, Engineering Intends, Police Facilities, Naturalization and Citizenship etc. you are not alone on any track when you have an android phone.