Apple IOS Developer

The world is full of people who have a solution to every problem, but still they cannot be considered as trouble free people, because solutions are easy to suggest, but difficult to implement such as lying in a bathtub have you had an idea of texting someone, but you do not feel like typing with the wet hands as it may spoil your branded phone, and you do not want the other person to hear your echoing voice in a bathroom so you wished to have such an invention with which you can have a written text in front of you as you speak. Indeed, ideas come and go like this because we want to live in a fairy tale world, but the ideas seem to be cartoonist approaches and not practical enough. This is the world Apple IOS Developers have to offer their customers where ideas and dreams can come true with new innovations. IOS developers now have introduced an Apple Watch, which is an invention similar to the dream watch.

IOS Developer Abu Dhabi

This interesting watch is compatible with the iPhone 5 and plus versions,so you need to have an upgraded version of iPhone for this apple watch to work. IOS developer Abu Dhabi is quite pleased with this watch which has a scrolling option, zooming in and out can be done easily and home screen can be approached by a simple button. You can also buy foodstuffs and the payment will be handled by the watch, similarly your notifications will appear on the watch and it will vibrate on receiving the notifications. Further, you can keep a check on your health with it as heart beat can be sensed with the help of special sensors attached at the back of the new Apple watch; further advanced applications for the watch will also help you to check your overall health.


Some interesting advancements were found recently in iOS, which didn’t exist before. A person found with the help of an iPhone application that is in the proper working condition even after falling off from a height of 13,000 feet, however the screen broke but the person was able to attend incoming calls.This was amusing for the iPhone users because the same phone which broke or didn’t work properly when falling in a bathroom was now showing great durability.

As you know, programmers are curious to know that what the logic behind a particular architectural advancement in iOS that they are able to perform certain functions, and how far they can dig into the program having an adventure. This is legally not allowed so the name given to this action is Jail breaking. This allows the user to change the program or make your personally required amendments in an iPhone that is hacking a device. There are many applications in the market such as Cydia, which is very effective to install those applications which are not compatible with your iPhone and is designed for higher versions.

These interesting facts and enhancements will continue to occur in this world of iOS by the innovative iOS developers as well as iOS lovers. So, stay updated and live your dream life to the fullest.